Applique Heart Bunting.
Simple to make, fun to decorate with.
This is a great scarp project.
You will need:
-Papers for the hearts, squares and half circle or use our Heart Kit
-Needle, thread, glue pen, white glue or applique pins.
-2 backings per piece of bunting. Mine are tapered, you can make large rectangles, squares or any shape you would like.
-Bias binding or ribbon for the top.

I made these with the small hearts. 4 x 1 inch squares and 2x 2 inch half circles per heart.
Cut your shapes and glue to the papers using your glue pen.

With matching thread, first sew the 4 squares together.

Sew the two half circles on 2 sides to make a heart.

Give it a good iron, pressing all the edges inwards.

Remove all the papers. Again press all the edges inwards neatly with an iron.

Make a backing. I made 6 inches wide and six inches long. It tapers at 3 inches down. Make 2, place good sides together and sew 1/4 inch all the way around leaving a turning gap of 2 inches at the top. Clip corners, turn right side out and press with an iron. The turning gap will be closed when you sew the bias binding or ribbon across the top.

Place your heart on the backing and pin with applique pins or some small dots of white glue or your glue pen to keep in place.

Sew on using small tacking stitches all the way around or machine stitch with zigzag or other decorative stitch.

Using 3 strands of embroidery thread, apply a simple running stitch around the heart and around the edges of the backing.

Sew on the bias binding or ribbon along the tops, spacing as you would like.